A downloadable ooob for Windows and macOS

//// OOOB ////

OOOB is fast frantic fun, Keep your eye on two things at once with a fireworks display happening around you. Manage your Ammo resource, Dodge foes, be an arbitrary shape, protect your turret, shoot all the things until they turn into dust.

//// Controls ////

  • Plug in a controller
  • The left analog stick moves the player
  • The right analog stick rotates and fires the Turret
  • Collect Green boxes for ammo
  • Shoot to kill Red enemies
  • Avoid being hit by Red enemies
  • Escape to Quit

//// Credits ////

Bruce Slater
Beth Reed
Christian White
Frederic Babord

with help from

Tom Elliott
Milo Keeble
Chloe Goodchild

Get gud!

Can you beat 183645!


Ooob_Win.rar 26 MB
Ooob_Mac.zip 49 MB

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